Roel's Blog

Original thinking on Big Data, Cloud and Sustainable ICT.


Bridging gaps or better still, connecting worlds and planents is what I do best. Sustainability and ICT are not exactly known for their complementaryness. Nor are Corporate Strategy and Big Data. Yet that is what I do. I bring together far flung worlds and let them have sex with each other. And then raise and educate their offspring. The sex is easy, that is what lots of overpaid consultancy businesses do. But making the fruit of their loins work and operationalize the solution, that’s when I make a difference.

Through my work in Corporate Strategy, Business Intelligence, Big Data and Sustainable ICT I developed unique perspectives I love sharing in my blogs. Ideas, comments, rants and raves are all welcome. And who knows maybe our worlds might spawn more beautifull offspring.

I provide architectural and design services in strategy, big data solutions, sustainable ICT or a combination of all three to transform and adapt organizations to a new networked and connected era of sustainability.